• Kelly

Black Bean Hummus

This impromptu recipe was an experiment that I made to take on my weekend trip to Burlington, Vermont for yoga training. I am listing all of the ingredients that I used, but remember to be creative and flexible when you make your own hummus.


1/2 pound black beans, cooked and drained (reserve the liquid)

1/2 cup peanut butter, tahini, or the nut butter of your choice

garlic, minced and/or fresh, to taste


curry and/or turmeric

liquid from the black beans


Soak black beans over night. Rinse beans and cook until soft. Drain beans, reserving the liquid. Put beans into food processor or high speed blender. Add minced garlic or chopped garlic, peanut butter or tahini, salt, and spices. My cooking tends to be very bland, so increase the spices to your liking. Add liquid from the beans a little at a time to make it the consistency that you prefer.

The peanut butter flavor is not strong in this recipe. It gives the hummus a creamy texture, but does not over-power the beans and garlic. Enjoy with chips or crackers.

Hummus travels easily. I stored mine in small recyclable containers for that purpose!

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