• Kelly

Virabhadrasana II

Step forward with one foot, bringing the knee over top of your ankle but not beyond. The back leg is straight and strong, with the outer edge of the foot rooted into the ground. The hips are directed toward the side and the front knee is tracking out over the little toes. Shoulders are directly over the hips; arms are parallel with the ground (yes, my front arm is lifting in the picture below); and the drishti or gaze is out over the fingers of the front hand. The shoulders should drop away from the ears, creating a long and relaxed neck. Abdominals are engaged and the shoulder blades are moving down the back. Hold for five breaths on each side.

This posture strengthens the legs, ankles, and hips. It stretches and opens the groin, chest, and shoulder complex. Commonly called Warrior II, this energizing pose reminds us how strong we really are. Namaste.

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